Shopify is going Dutch


As a digital agency, we work globally; whether you are based in tropical Bali, snowy Iceland or buzzing New York, we work from exciting Amsterdam to create the best e-commerce environment for your business. But in fact, the majority of our clients is based in the Netherlands. Hence, the Dutch market is important for us. And not just for us: Shopify acknowledges the Dutch significance as well. With a growing e-commerce market and more and more Shopify users in the Netherlands, Shopify spotted the potential. And so, Shopify went Dutch: Dutch website (, Dutch service, Dutch support and more Dutch-ness to be found on the website.

A Dutch change

For years, a Dutch version of Shopify was not available. The English application allowed users to transform the themes to Dutch by translating text into Dutch. This required quite some manual work and with the application still being in English, it did not meet all the needs of the Dutch and Belgian users. Following the implementation of a series of convenient apps and integrations, the Dutch and Belgian users increased and Shopify saw an opportunity. Earlier this year, they announced that they want to grow their business on the European continent with the focus on, among other countries, the Netherlands. Thrilled by this development, we were excited to have a stand together with Shopify during the latest “Webwinkel Vakdagen” (a Dutch web shop trade show). But it did not stop there.

Shopify Payments

Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 16.36.19.png

Recently, Shopify Payments became available for merchants in the Netherlands. This means that for payment options, the hustle of third-party services is not needed anymore. Via Shopify Payments, Dutch web shops can now receive direct payments accepting credit card, PayPal and iDeal(!). The integrated system streamlines the payment experience for the shopper, including the order and chargeback management. Your payment experience can be simplified even more by Shopify Pay, Apple Pay and in-house payouts. The easy to use application smoothens and improves the shopping experience in your (Dutch) web shop even more.

And the cherry on the cake: Shopify Payments doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Payments details are clearly synchronised with the orders, giving you an easy overview of how much you have been paid without having to leave Shopify. With integrated fraud prevention, Shopify Payments can do enhanced fraud analysis check to inform you of potential fraud. Build-in tax details help in generating your tax reports and the iDeal payment option allows Dutch shoppers to pay directly via their bank accounts, making it so easy to shop in your web shop.

With all these user-friendly Dutch developments, we are excited to see how this Dutch adventure will continue with other tools, apps or updates. If the English language made you doubt whether Shopify would be the right e-commerce environment for your web shop, maybe this is the moment to reconsider. Interested to know more about Shopify Payments in the Netherlands, or open to explore Shopify for your e-commerce? Reach out to discover how we can help you.